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What do we consider a free sample Australia?

In essence, all samples in this post are free, but there are two extra categories we allow to sneak in – those are ‘postage’ and ‘sample with purchase’/’gift with purchase’ or SWP/GWP.

SWP/GWP is a very common phenomenon in the beauty and cosmetics industry and works as a way to create goodwill, excite customers and save on additional postage. You’ll typically encounter it at the checkout phase of online sales.

Additionally, a few products that require postage also appear on our page. We believe those still offer good value for money, even with the cost of postage, provided it is not excessive. We go out of our way to make these visible so you can walk on by if paying for postage is objectionable.

If you go to other websites that ask for all your details upfront – be aware – very aware! Free samples generally come from a supplier or retailer direct, not an intermediary (unless they are a legitimate product tester). More on that later!

Here's what can be expected of you in return for receiving free samples Australia:

  • the supplier will seek some basic demographic information and your email. Consider using a dummy email if you aren’t prepared to receive a few follow-up emails.
  • a supplier may seek engagement on social media, anything from a ‘like’ to a comment or testimony. This should always be voluntary and not conditional on sending you a free sample pack.
  • a supplier may request some product feedback or a survey to gauge consumer interest, particularly on new products.
  • a supplier may ask you to send a self-addressed envelope because a) postage is expensive and b) saves processing and time for them. Fair enough.
  • visit in-store on your birthday for your loyalty program birthday gift. A great way to raise product awareness and place the product front of mind on a special day. Chances are that you’ll take someone else along who will be paying full price.

You should not be expected to:

  • supply your credit card to receive a free product pack (unless it’s a SWP/GWP).
  • enter into an ongoing subscription or a program joining fee in order to receive a sample.
  • pay substantial postage or shipping costs.
  • pay for a meal or service, in order to receive the sample at the end.
  • provide feedback on product review websites such as Trustpilot, OzBargain, or Product review.

Why are free samples Australia important?

Given that the free sample is ‘free’ – you might be asking yourself why a supplier would do it. After all, you’re not sitting in a room providing product feedback or part of a high-power focus group.

It’s the money, stupid! (sorry I hate this saying but in this case, it’s true).

Supplying a free sample in Australia is nothing more than a calculated gamble that you’ll buy more of it, change supplier allegiance, recommend it to friends, or will have heightened product awareness when you’re at the supermarket.

What Australian companies send free samples?

Many, many Australian companies send free samples Australia in the mail, but there is one important thing to remember. Large products are expensive to send out in the post or by courier, so you shouldn’t expect to receive heavy, bulky or odd-shaped free stuff from supplier.

Light small items such as healthcare products such as incontinence pads and liners tick the box for free samples Australia. There is also another reason – nobody wants to stand reading the packets on these products in supermarket aisles, so reaching consumers is more difficult. Luckily PoiseKotexTenaMoliCare and Depend are all free sample providers.

It is quite often the case that many retail brands and manufacturers will send free samples but people don’t think to search or ask for them. For instance, both pet food companies Kibble and Petzyo offer free dog food samples.

Another one that is often missed is the fact that both Chemist Warehouse and Chemist Direct both offer samples with purchase (SWP).

Are free samples worth it?

It really depends on what you consider value, but I’d say that financial savings, the convenience of trying a product in your own home, and the excitement of waiting for your free sample make it worth it, to name a few.

What stores give out free samples Australia?

When you’re talking about brick-and-mortar stores giving freebies, it’s hard to go past fast food and coffee houses – especially when you’re enrolled in their free loyalty programs, and it’s your birthday.

Another example is the bulk nutrients industry, keen to hook you on the latest, and very profitable nutrient or protein supplement.

How do I get free samples of food?

Food is really tricky for suppliers and manufacturers to provide free samples Australia. The risks associated with sending product packs around the country such as contamination, spoiling, deliberate interference, cost, and return on the dollar often outweigh the benefits. Besides this, food has a very visible presence in Australian supermarkets anyhow. You may get lucky and find some companies willing to send you free food vouchers or gift cards.

Your best way to score free food is to visit all your favourite fast food websites and join their loyalty programs. When it’s your birthday, you’ll be overwhelmed with choice with all the birthday freebies and eat for free.

And as for alcoholic drink samples, it’s even worse. Australian laws and customer age verification rule this out unless it’s an in-store promotion.

What sites send free samples?

There are many sites that send items in the mail for free sampling. Cosmetics companies love to send free perfume samples Australia-wide, mask samples, sachets, and serums, and there are plenty of free baby samples on offer.

How to get perfume free samples Australia?

Mecca and Sephora exist in both the brick-and-mortar retail space as well as being dominant players in the online space. You can regularly score samples of perfume sachets, moisturizer lotions, skincare products, serums, makeup, and other little free sampling goodies.

Can I get free baby samples in Australia?

Mums will be very pleased to know that baby products are very popular. This is partly due to the fact that baby items are only purchased for a limited duration by parents but can also be reoccurring depending on the number of children parents decide to conceive. A large amount of disposable income is spent in a short period on baby products.

Nappy brands and nappy pants manufacturers are very active with BabyLove and Huggies all supplying free samples Australia.

Gaia Skin Naturals, and a host of haircare and toddler milk drinks also actively promote themselves with free samples Australia.

Have you considered these alternatives to free samples Australia?

While surveys can last from minutes to hours, selecting the right survey sites can earn you over $16/hour regularly, just from answering a few questions. Do it on the bus or the train for a neat little cash haul each month for your next holiday!

Paid surveys ask you to answer questions and give opinions on products and services. Your opportunities to answer surveys for cash will depend on your attention to detail when filling out your profile based on your buying patterns.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping regularly appears on current affairs TV shows. After all, it is kind of exciting to shop knowing you have a secret and all the store staff are under your scrutiny! It’s not the easiest job or the most consistent but it can be fun and you do get paid for it. If you have spare time, this could be a great gig for you.

Product Testing

Product testing is easy and free to be involved in. Normally, you register yourself with several sites, which tend to be focused on particular product segments. You’ll need to answer pre-qualification questions and supply your demographics before the opportunities start rolling in.

Focus groups

In Australia, focus groups are commonly conducted in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Participants are typically recruited through advertising or by using a professional recruitment agency. In some cases, focus groups may be conducted online or over the phone.

The insights gathered from focus groups can be used to inform the development of new products, services, or policies. They can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of existing offerings and to identify areas for improvement.

FAQ – Free Samples Australia

What are the best free samples Australia sites?

Sites such as this one – are the best free sample sites, bringing together a huge array of product samples for your delight. Freebies Monster keeps its list of free samples Australia current and regularly visits every offer so that consumers don’t waste time or get scammed.

How can I get free samples Australia mailed to me?

You’ll need to visit the individual supplier to supply your contact details.

How do I get free samples of food?

The best way to score free food is to visit all your favourite fast food websites and join their loyalty programs. When it’s your birthday, you’ll be overwhelmed with choice with birthday freebies and eat for free.

Where can I get legit free samples Australia?

Start by visiting for a comprehensive list of free samples Australia.

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